• Taking Up Serpents

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    Kayla’s father presides over an isolated community of snake handlers – a sect of Pentecostals who willingly take up venomous snakes to prove themselves before God. When ritual ends in tragedy, Kayla is compelled to return to the family she left behind, reckon with her past, and take control of he...

  • The Puppy Episode

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    Three main characters are on a path of self-discovery and acceptance at a time when media didn't portray the queer experience. High school teenager Gil realizes he has feelings for his best friend Clay. Louise is a married woman who regrets not having explored the full spectrum of her queer ident...

  • Il Postino
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    Il Postino

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    Mario is the personal postman to exiled Chilean poet Pablo Neruda. Through his daily deliveries, Mario discovers his voice in poetry. Using this newfound passion, he finds love and ignites the imagination of the tiny Italian village he calls home.

    Written by celebrated Mexican-American composer ...